EDI As A Service Breathing New Life Into The Transport Industry

Say good bye to costly, out-dated traditional EDI solutions.

Grease the gears of your supply chain with a faster, less complex, more cost effective approach to EDI.

Transport ATF

The future is here, and it’s changing the transportation industry

A surge in shipping costs in the wake of the pandemic has put tremendous pressure on supply chains. As a result, demand has spiked for more efficient solutions to overcome supply chain bottlenecks. Here are some automated solutions on the horizon:

Warehouse Robotics

Warehouse Robotics

By 2023, over 30% of operational warehouse
workers will work with robots (Gartner). This
represents one way the transport industry is
moving to cater for a rapidly growing customer base and its insatiable demand for higher speed, accuracy, and service.

Improved Machine Learning

Improved Machine Learning

As the volume of supply chain data grows,
companies are becoming more reliant on
automation to stay competitive. Machine
learning is becoming essential in maintaining
data accuracy and enabling future supply chain growth.

Automated Delivery Vehicles

Automated Delivery Vehicles

With increased consumer demand and labour
shortages, driverless trucks can’t come soon
enough. Experts say fully autonomous trucks
won’t be phased in until around 2030. In the
meantime, the transport industry is looking to
other ways to speed things up and lower costs.

Is your business facing the following EDI challenges?

From working with 10,000 businesses across 55 different countries, we see the same EDI-related issues crop up time and time again.

Rising EDI Costs

Traditional EDI systems are slow, complex,
and expensive. Often, firms rely on dedicated
in-house teams to manage their EDI.
But this isn’t an efficient use of human
resource. And as trade expands and data
volumes increase, maintaining high quality
data becomes more difficult and costly.

Long Order-to-Cash Cycles

Transaction volumes and costs are higher
than ever. Many in the transport industry
still rely on inefficient manual processing of
orders and invoices. The result is lack of
visibility, slow processing times, and
negative cash flow. This approach is
unsustainable in a low-margin industry.

Data Errors

Mistakes in manual data entry result in lost
invoices, lost customers, and lost revenue.
One small error can take hours to
find and fix. Also, high volumes of data are
sent and received in different EDI formats–
increasing the chances of costly
cross-system and human error.

Advanced EDI provides quick, flexible solutions

Cut out slow, costly processes with fully automated end-to-end EDI software solutions. Data Interchange has over 35 years experience helping increase supply chain efficiency.

Here are 3 ways our EDI software solutions can help your business:

Advanced EDI

Simplified process

Unlike traditional EDI, we tailor your EDI solutions to you. This way, you’re not paying extra for anything you don’t need. Also, our team provides ongoing support to help scale your EDI efficiently as you grow.

Faster Transactions

Faster transactions. Faster onboarding.
And complete supply chain visibility. These are just a few benefits cloud-based EDI solutions provide, no matter where your trade partners are based globally.

Improved Data Quality

Automate manual data processes and
improve operational efficiency. Plus, easily
integrate data received in any format.
Keep data 100% clean and supply chain
relationships strong.

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Data Interchange and the Transport industry

For more on Data Interchange and our experience with providing custom EDI solutions in the transportation industry, check out this case study:


Take EDI to the next level with EDI-as-a-Service

Emerging obstacles mean that new and improved solutions are required. That’s why at Data Interchange we developed an innovative new approach we call EDI-as-a-Service.


Managed services

Our team works with you and your supply chain partners to provide support when needed, optimise workflows, solve problems and seamlessly onboard new trading partners.

Cloud-based tools

Access EDI documents from the cloud via a single connection, simplify EDI infrastructure and integrate sophisticated analytics and control tools to optimise outcomes.

A tailored outcome

EDI-as-a-Service is built around your specific requirements. We provide support where needed, and automation where possible. Never miss a beat and get outcomes guaranteed.

How EDI-as-a-Service works

This modern EDI overhaul is a collection of inclusive cloud-based tools, pulling together multiple types of EDI alongside managed services and software-as-a-service.


Email notifications

Benefit from automatic emails to suppliers once an order is available in the web portal.


Proactive support

Our specialist team monitors processes and are in place to quickly respond whenever issues arise.


Dashboard visibility

Access dashboards with flexibility over your real time data and advanced reporting capabilities.


ERP integration

Support for various ERP systems, ensuring the automatic sending and receiving of data.


Multiple EDI standards

Utilise the ability to translate data into recognised formats with the help of our integration specialists.


Smooth trading partner onboarding

Our team can on-board new partners and migrate EDI message flows on your behalf.

Change gear with EDI-as-a-Service

If you’re looking to take supply chain management to the next level, Data Interchange is here to help. Talk to an expert to begin your journey today.