Transform customer supply chains and gain competitive advantage

Unlock untapped revenue opportunities and get ahead using flexible EDI solutions

Global ERP and integration specialists rely on
Data Interchange to better serve their customers

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Untapped revenue potential

Diversify revenue streams and increase profitability

Add EDI capability to your core offering and get access to new markets and over 10,000 trading partner connections.

Market differentiation

Seamlessly integrate existing systems

Minimise risk and save time by managing EDI and ERP connections in one place.

Our cloud-based solutions mean low infrastructure set up, and greater visibility over time.


Market differentiation

Seamlessly integrate existing systems

Minimise risk and save time by managing EDI and ERP connections in one place.

Our cloud-based solutions mean low infrastucture set up, and greater visibility over time.


Next generation products

Improve customer relationships through impactful supply chain solutions

Meet complex supply chain needs through accurate, efficient data exchange.

Increased EDI capability means less manual processing, and better cost savings for your customers.

Flexible ways of working, whatever your needs

Access more than 30 years of B2B EDI expertise in ways that suit your business goals.

Add next-generation EDI products and solutions to your product portfolio

Resell or white label our solutions in your geographic area, giving you access to a new network of trading partners.

Diversify your offering with high-power cloud solutions

White label our cloud-based EDI platform for scalable, self service EDI that puts you above the competition.

Expand your team and capability with our end-end EDI service

Get fully managed EDI capability and access to our network, without having to develop and invest in new infrastructure.


Enter new markets

“We’ve been a partner for 29 years and have a good relationship with Data Interchange. They are always helpful and make effort to accommodate us. Their products are very stable and ahead in their class. We would not be what we are today without their products and support. We’ve made inroads into various market sectors and are looking forward to achieving a lot more.”

Gerhard Spies
Owner, EDIServ

Improve customer relationships

"Data Interchange has always delivered solutions that were very focused, stable, technically sound and reasonably costed. We have been using DiNet and related tools to create software that facilitates exchanges of business documents for our customers. Data Interchange has also provided us with technical support whenever needed. Our customers have experienced a high degree of satisfaction using Data Interchange products, resulting in our business achieving stability and creating new income streams."

Beckar Rabhi
CEO, Ebusiness Expert France

Complete your service offering

"VISIT d.o.o. from Slovenia is one of Data Interchange’s longest standing partners, with over 25 years of business partnership. Through Data Interchange’s products and services we were able to offer exact and focused solutions in the region that was beginning to cultivate supplier companies in the automotive branch, yet at the same time suffered from the lack of EDI accessibility. More recently DI has been providing us with support in connecting our newly acquired as well as transitioning our existing clients to their DiNet VAN solution."

Uroš Drole
Customer Administrator, VISIT

Transform supply chains

"We have positioned Data Interchanges Odex software to route all EDI messages of Ford Otosan, which is a significant process in supply chain management in Turkey. We want to thank Data Interchange for all their cooperation and collaborative practices throughout the years."

Koral Çayla
Operation and Technology Manager, MAP

How to Deliver Next-Level Integration Services

Creating an unfair advantage with EDI

In our latest eBook, we outline how EDI solutions offer a competitive edge for both you and your customers.


Transform your service offering with next-generation EDI

See how the world's most advanced supply chains are powered by Data Interchange today.

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