Optimise your Logistics Supply Chains using EDI

When it comes to logistics supply chains, at Data Interchange we draw on decades of experience to provide efficient EDI solutions and improved business outcomes.


Opportunities are out there

As an industry, logistics has dealt with unforeseeable circumstances in recent times. Complex supply chains and increasing pressures have meant normality has been difficult to achieve. However, with the right solutions, the future still looks bright.

New technology

New technology

AI algorithms and machine learning facilitate more proactive measures when dealing with demand fluctuations. Blockchain technology is enabling distributed storage of information and the integration of robotics is increasing speed, accuracy and reducing human error significantly.

Improved Machine Learning

Big Data

Analytics provides actionable insights for improving warehouse productivity, performance management and the utilisation of logistical resources. Analysis of market data will continue to support the optimisation of pricing, inventory levels and risk management reports.

Accelerated growth

Accelerated growth

Both technology and data analytics mean the logistics industry has tremendous growth potential. Resource management can be optimised as never before, and new efficient processes can help meet the demands of ever-changing and evolving markets.


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There are still challenges ahead

While there are opportunities for growth, innovation and the implementation of new technologies, the logistics sector still has a number of obstacles that it will need to overcome going forward.

Customer expectations

In terms of delivery times and service quality, the expectations of customers have changed, with 37% saying speed influences their purchasing decisions. Customers also expect logistics partners to solve problems and help them drive growth, necessitating improved processes and optimised outcomes.

Contingency plans

With potentially as much as $4 trillion lost in revenue in recent times due to supply chain disruption, the logistics industry came under severe pressure, with supply chain partner blackouts not uncommon. The future will require improved strategic contingency planning to avoid future catastrophe.

Supply chain visibility

57% of businesses have poor visibility across their supply chain, and logistics companies must overcome this to ensure accurate and on-time deliveries. Customers also now want to track shipments and get updates, making increased visibility and control over supply chains essential.

Create simple solutions with EDI

Here at Data Interchange, using EDI solutions to help improve logistics supply chain management has been at the heart of our operations for decades. With EDI your business could achieve:



EDI allows you to benefit from unparalleled supply chain visibility and provides increased levels of control over your supply chain relationships using data.


Access a single-source-of-truth with the help of our EDI solutions, and obtain a more holistic supply chain view while increasing trading partner adoption.


Facilitate easy supply chain access from around the world, and benefit from smooth supply chain integration solutions to simplify processes with the help of EDI systems.

Get started today

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Enhanced logistics supply chain management from Data Interchange

For a specific example of how Data Interchange's solutions have contributed towards improved outcomes in the logistics industry, take a look at this case study


Go one step further with EDI-as-a-Service

At Data Interchange we know that the logistics industry relies on guaranteed outcomes and optimised data exchanges. That’s why we’ve developed a new solution that we call EDI-as-a-Service.


Managed services

Our team works with you and your supply chain partners to provide support when needed, optimise workflows, solve problems and seamlessly onboard new trading partners.

Cloud-based tools

Access EDI documents from the cloud via a single connection, simplify EDI infrastructure and integrate sophisticated analytics and control tools to optimise outcomes.

Tailored outcomes

EDI-as-a-Service is built around your specific requirements. We provide support where needed, and automation where possible. Never miss a beat and get consistent outcomes guaranteed.

How EDI-as-a-Service works

This new approach to EDI is made up of a collection of cloud-based tools, pulling together multiple types of EDI alongside both software-as-a-service and managed services.


Email notifications

Benefit from automatic emails to suppliers once an order is available in the web portal.


Proactive support

Our specialist team monitors processes and are in place to quickly respond whenever issues arise.


Dashboard visibility

Access dashboards with flexibility over your real time data and advanced reporting capabilities.


ERP integration

Support for various ERP systems, ensuring the automatic sending and receiving of data.


Multiple EDI standards

Utilise the ability to translate data into recognised formats with the help of our integration specialists.


Smooth trading partner onboarding

Our team can on-board new partners and migrate EDI message flows on your behalf.

Improve outcomes with EDI-as-a-Service

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of EDI-as-a-Service to improve your supply chain management and optimise business outcomes, get in touch.