EDI Managed Services

Enhance Your Electronic Data Interchange With Expert Monitoring and Maintenance

With a fully managed service from Data Interchange, our team of EDI experts take on the responsibility of managing your EDI processes and infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters to you — your business.


What can you expect from an EDI Managed Service?

Whether your organisation has extensive EDI expertise or not, our managed service can help you meet the changing demands of global trade, and give you the capacity to scale up quickly as your business continues to grow.

EDI Managed Services from Data Interchange helps to ensure:

cost savings

Hiring talent to enhance in-house EDI knowledge is expensive. You can reduce recruitment costs and processes with managed services, as our expert team acts as an extension of your business whilst handling your EDI processes.

Reduced costs and connectivity issues

Implementing and maintaining EDI hardware and software can be challenging for organisations without extensive experience. A managed service means our team takes care of the infrastructure, simplifying costs, operations and connectivity.

Elimination of
downtime and disruption

Managed services shifts the responsibility of monitoring your EDI activities to our experts. Our experts can ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum whenever an issue arises, leaving you and your trading partners unaffected.

How EDI Managed Services work

EDI Managed Services on Data Interchange’s Value Added Network (VAN), DiNet, means our team owns the maintenance of your entire EDI system, including trading partner management, data integration and implementation. The result is smooth data exchanges that allow you to enjoy the benefits of EDI without the worry and delay if something goes wrong.

Cloud-based communication

Legacy EDI solutions are often undermined by a lack of technical EDI knowledge in-house or across supply chains. Managed Services make this a thing of the past.

Get support and expertise with a personal touch as we work to understand your requirements and those of your trading partners — taking care of trading partner onboarding and providing ongoing support.

“Switching to the Manage Service meant that we had a solution fully managed and hosted by experts” — Lee Chatfield, Sertec
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What Support Do I Need_

What Support Do I Need?

We understand how critical is to the smooth running and success of your businesses. Many businesses who have EDI support which doesn't meet their expectations reach out to us because of the negative impact it has on their business.

Click here to find out more about our support & services. We promise to deliver an exceptional EDI service so that you can focus on your business objectives.

Simplify supplier trading with our EDI offering

With Data Interchange’s EDI Managed Services, your organisation can benefit from our team’s extensive expertise of EDI. They take the steps to implement and test EDI with new trading partners, providing full reassurance.

Web-based EDI

Web-based EDI

With Web EDI, your suppliers can generate, receive and manage business-critical documents in a web browser. As part of a Managed Service, Web EDI facilitates the onboarding of large numbers of suppliers to digital trading without costly EDI implementations, saving costs through your entire EDI network in the process.

Data Interchange’s Darwin Hub platform was designed to allow speedy downstream EDI adoption for Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, regardless of their supliers in-house EDI experience. The result is the simplified, flexible onboarding of suppliers and increased operational efficiency.

Communication on a global scale

With a managed service, our experts set up and run a variety of communication strategies on your behalf in line with your trading partner requirements. Our technology means we can set up connections, file transfers, and provide an EDI web service to your supply chain partners.

Cloud-based communication provides a cost-effective foundation for supply chain management, enabling extensive data exchanges with trading partners from around the globe.

Communication on a global scale

Fully Managed EDI from Data Interchange: The Benefits

Active Support


Get access to an EDI service delivery manager, who acts as your point of contact whenever issues arise, or service changes are required.

A solution that fits your business

A solution that fits your business

Get access to an EDI service delivery manager, who acts as your point of contact whenever issues arise, or service changes are required.

Enhanced resilience


Keep your EDI operational with the help of our team, ensuring minimised downtime, maintained compliance and trading partner satisfaction.

Global leaders depend on Data Interchange EDI solutions


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