Business Services

EDI Solutions for Business Services

At Data Interchange, our EDI solutions are designed to ensure that you can remain competitive in your industry.


Time to seize opportunities

No matter the size of your operation, you need solutions that enable you to improve efficiencies and grasp new opportunities.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Businesses are increasingly providing actionable analytics in order to stay ahead of the competition. As a result, you need a solution that can integrate data into standard and customer analytics engines

Add value

Add value

Whether you process insurance claims, serve as a third-party payroll service or fulfil invoicing needs, you need solutions that make it possible to support customers’ needs and enable value-added business practices.

Consistent growth

Consistent growth

If you are a high-volume company or process transactions on behalf of one, you can utilise scalable solutions that support processing needs, allowing you to grow and realise long-term goals

Obstacles still need to be overcome

Capitalising on these opportunities for long-term success requires overcoming a variety of challenges in an increasingly competitive environment.

Demand for flexibility

Within the business services industry, your own unique processes and best practices need to continually adapt to an ever-evolving demand for flexibility from customers.

Customisation needs

To provide the required flexibility, your software and solutions need to be customised effectively to ensure they meet the specific requirements of your organisation.

Obtaining visibility

As customers continue to expect more transparency and predictability, the pressure to provide granular details and real-time service updates is increasing for all businesses.

Unlock your potential with Data Interchange

We understand the use of EDI in business services is as diverse as the types of transitions EDI supports. Each business model is unique and needs tailored EDI processes. That’s why our solutions cater to the specific needs of your business.

With the help of our cutting-edge solutions, suppliers can exchange orders and invoices easily, resulting in less manual processes, reduced complexity and more efficient relationships.


Simplified process

Smooth supply chain integrations that simplify processes become a reality with EDI, whilst cloud-based tools ensure easy across anywhere, at any time.

Greater control

Using EDI, you can access previously unattainable visibility across your supply chains and enhance control over supplier relationships with the help of data.

Enhanced visibility

You can gain access to a single source of truth with EDI, helping you obtain a more holistic view and increase adoption among partners.


Go to the next level with EDI-as-a-Service

Emerging obstacles mean that new and improved solutions are required. That’s why at Data Interchange we developed an innovative new approach we call       EDI-as-a-Service.

Managed services

Our team works with you and your supply chain partners to provide support when needed, optimise workflows, solve problems and seamlessly onboard new trading partners.

Cloud-based tools

Access EDI documents from the cloud via a single connection, simplify EDI infrastructure and integrate sophisticated analytics and control tools to optimise outcomes.

A tailored outcome

EDI-as-a-Service is built around your specific requirements. We provide support where needed, and automation where possible. Never miss a beat and get outcomes guaranteed.

How EDI-as-a-Service works

This modern EDI overhaul is a collection of inclusive cloud-based tools, pulling together multiple types of EDI alongside managed services and software-as-a-service.


Email notifications

Benefit from automatic emails to suppliers once an order is available in the web portal.


Proactive support

Our specialist team monitors processes and are in place to quickly respond whenever issues arise.


Dashboard visibility

Access dashboards with flexibility over your real time data and advanced reporting capabilities.


ERP integration

Support for various ERP systems, ensuring the automatic sending and receiving of data.


Multiple EDI standards

Utilise the ability to translate data into recognised formats with the help of our integration specialists.


Smooth trading partner onboarding

Our team can on-board new partners and migrate EDI message flows on your behalf.

Change gear with EDI-as-a-Service

If you’re looking to take supply chain management to the next level, Data Interchange is here to help. Talk to an expert to begin your journey today.