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Data Interchange has decades of experience working to optimise supply chains in the manufacturing industry with the help of pioneering EDI software.

Manufacturing ATF

Opportunities to be seized

Electronic Data Interchange opens up a range of opportunities in the manufacturing industry specifically. 



Organisations who utilise new technology, such as robotics, can often move their employees into more skilled roles. For manufacturers this can enable more efficiencies within the business and drive growth.

Shifts to B2C

Shifts to B2C

Many manufacturers have transitioned towards business-to-consumer models. This drives increased profit margins by dealing directly with customers and their demands, eliminates the risk of brand damage by third-parties and enables the collection of more customer data for analysis.

Improved onboarding

Improved onboarding

Reacting to market changes looks likely to become increasingly important in the manufacturing industry. When done effectively, supplier onboarding allows businesses to achieve this and enhanced trading partner collaboration, driving growth opportunities in the process.

New obstacles

Even with the areas for growth and innovation EDI solutions can help facilitate, the manufacturing industry still faces a number of challenges.

Skills gaps

With new technology comes the need for workers with the required skill set. Attracting and retaining these workers can be a challenge for manufacturers, one that needs to be overcome.

Cyber security threats

A recent report suggests almost three-quarters of manufacturing businesses experienced a cyber breach over a 12-month period. These incidents can derail progress made through recent digital transformation.

Visibility over supply chains

As clients demand more transparency and predictability, the pressure is on manufacturers to provide granular detail and real-time updates throughout supply chains.

EDI is here to help

Using reliable and robust EDI systems, the manufacturing industry can unlock a range of potential benefits that help drive positive business outcomes.

With solutions from Data Interchange, suppliers can exchange standardised orders, invoices and dispatch notifications using a web browser. The result is less manual processes, reduced complexity and more efficient and profitable supplier relationships.

EDI is here to help

Increased control

Use EDI to get unparalleled visibility over your supply chains. By utilising data, you can also benefit from increased supply chain relationship control.

Simplified processes

Facilitate easy supply chain access from around the world, and benefit from smooth supply chain integration solutions to simplify processes with the help of EDI systems.

Enhanced visibility

Enjoy access to a single-source-of-truth with the help of our EDI solutions, and obtain a more holistic supply chain view while increasing trading partner adoption.

Use EDI to unleash your potential

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Data Interchange’s impact on manufacturing supply chains

Learn more about how effective Data Interchange’s solutions have been on manufacturing supply chains in this case study.


Go to the next level using EDI-as-a-Service

Emerging challenges mean new solutions are necessary. That’s one reason why we’ve developed a new and unique approach to EDI here at Data Interchange. We call this EDI-as-a-Service, and it’s here to guarantee outcomes for your business. 


Tailored outcomes

Make sure your manufacturing requirements are met with a seamless EDI-as-a-Service configuration. Never miss a beat and ensure optimised outcomes with support and automation provided by our team of experts.

Cloud-based tools

Benefit from simplified access to EDI documents and messages from the cloud via a single connection. You can also simplify your entire EDI infrastructure and integrate sophisticated analysis and controls.

Managed services

Make the most of our team's expertise and experience by getting guidance for you and your trading partners, advice on optimising workflows and support on issues whenever they arise.

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Over the past few years, many large enterprise businesses have turned to automation, impacting their suppliers in various ways. Linecross are a perfect example of this experience being a positive one:

"In 2018 one of our automotive customers approached us to undertake a major EDI project so we could support them with the supply of complex colour and option parts on a "just in sequence" basis direct to their production line. This would involve transmitting between us many thousands of data records each week.

With the expertise and support from Data Interchange and using their Odex application we together created a bespoke EDI solution that fully integrated with our ERP software. The solution has proved reliable, provided significant administration benefits to the business and has more recently allowed us t secure additional similar business".

David Austin
Chairman and Financial Director

Getting started with EDI-as-a-Service now

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What you get from EDI-as-a-Service

EDI-as-a-Service is a collection of inclusive cloud-based tools which pulls together numerous types of EDI alongside managed services.

What you get from EDI-as-a-Service

Email notifications

Get automatic alerts sent to suppliers whenever an order is available in the portal.


Multiple EDI standards

Benefit from the smooth translation of data into recognisable formats.


ERP integration

Ensure seamless sending and receiving of data with support for various ERP systems.


Smooth trading partner onboarding

Get support from our team to onboard new partners and migrate EDI message flows.


Dashboard visibility

Utilise dashboard with advanced reporting functionality and flexibility.


Proactive support

Have our expert team monitor your processes and respond to issues as and when they arise.

Start producing improved outcomes today

EDI-as-a-Service is ready to take your supply chain management system up a level. Talk to an expert today to get started.