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Are you a new supplier for Renault and need to become electronic data interchange (EDI) capable? Need help exchanging EDI messages with Renault? Get connected to Renault's EDI system quickly and easily all without disrupting your business.


About Renault

Renault is the leading French automobile manufacturer founded in 1898. Their vehicles are sold in 134 countries. And they have over 40 plants and 3500 supplier sites worldwide.

Simplify & fast-track
your supply chain with EDI

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All automotive standards supported, including EDIFACT, VDA, X12 and Odette.

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Our services include: EDI consulting, EDI data mapping, EDI cloud applications, ERP integrations and more.

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Ensure secure and accurate data exchanges with Renault without the costs of installing on-premise hardware or software – via our hosted IBM Message Queue (MQ) server and ENX enabled solutions.

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Choose from out-of-the-box solutions all the way through to end-to-end bespoke integrations.

Common Renault EDI messages

Planning schedule with release capability

Purchase orders

Advance ship notices (ASNs)


Payment orders

And any other EDI messages you need

Common Renault EDI messages

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We connect thousands of customers with their trading partners – this includes some of the biggest global brands

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Benefit from an EDI partner with deep industry expertise in automotive, logistics, manufacturing, retail and more

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EDI specialists since 1985 with over 35 years of experience

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Delivering you simple, current, scalable EDI solutions that align with your business needs

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Teams of regional EDI specialists driving supply chain efficiency across 55+ countries, and counting

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Pioneers of EDI technologies that continue to evolve thanks to our ongoing product reinvestment program

Why choose Data Interchange to
connect you with Renault's EDI System

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“Data Interchange has integrated all our production facilities by migrating all communications to DiNet and provided top-notch service support to give us lasting competitive advantage.”

Robert Cisak

EDI Co-ordinator, Maflow


"Our experience with Data Interchange has been extraordinary. Their detailed and organised approach while working on this project has been commendable, producing outstanding results. Data Interchange has never let me down.”

Suguna Arumugam Velusamy

Global EDI Manager, Hanon Systems

Connect quickly with
no disruption to your
business operations

Reduce the complexity and business risk involved with connecting with your trading partners' EDI. By partnering with Data Interchange you can:

  • Hit the ground running with a fast, accurate and secure expert setup
  • Start exchanging data with thousands of global businesses via a single connection
  • Scale your EDI operations quickly even if you have no experience with EDI
  • Leverage our 35+ years of expertise in optimising global supply chains

Get connected with your trading

partners' EDI without fuss or delay

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