Data Interchange will help you integrate with any and all ERP

With a wealth of experience executing hundreds of successful ERP EDI integrations, we possess the capability to integrate with almost any back-office system.

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Syncing EDI communications with your ERP system gives you a whole new data stream that is greater than the sum of its parts. Here’s why:

  • Gives real-time visibility into the status of business transactions
  • Improves cash flow by reducing order-to-cash cycle time
  • Drastically reduces ordering time by automating re-entry processes
  • Virtually eliminates human error in data entry
  • Creates better customer service by resolving order and billing issues with quick and accurate information

After an integration, this is what you'll notice:


Improved customer service

Now you’ll be able to resolve billing issues and answer customer queries quickly and accurately. More customer satisfaction = more revenue for you.


Improved productivity & sales

With improved data quality, you’ll see improved output—especially now that you and your employees spend less time on manual entry.


Greater visibility

Improved transparency allows for a comprehensive view of your supply chain from start to finish, resulting in quicker order processing, decreased waiting periods, and expedited integration with EDI-capable partners.


Simplify supply chain relationships

Benefit from streamlined onboarding that supports a range of EDI standards and protocols.


Responsive communication

You can share information with your trading partners that will reduce procurement costs and streamline buying.


Adhoc Consulting

If you require adhoc support for your EDI, our Consultants are on hand to support as and when required in the future.

How Data Interchange Provide You With Real ERP Integration Solutions

Our team has carried out numerous ERP integrations for back-office systems, with expertise in integrating with all major ERP systems. Refer to the list of solutions below to discover our integration capabilities with your ERP system.

With more than three decades of experience in the EDI industry, we have a proven track record of successfully integrating with various ERP and back-office solutions. Get in touch with us to explore how we can assist you with your integration needs.


Why you won’t need to invest in a new ERP system

With years of experience doing hundreds of successful ERP EDI integrations, we are able to integrate with almost any current back-office system. Here are some—but not all—of the systems we’ve worked with: